Parenting Without Conflict – Session V

This session took off with a bang as we spent the first 45 minutes or so of the session discussing whether or not one parent had used something that was said in the workshop in the legal arena. This was a pretty big deal because on the very first day,everyone had to sign a form that stated that nothing that was said in the PWC workshop could be used in court. I don’t understand how something like that could be enforced and so I asked the question. I didn’t really get an answer, but the explaination that was given was “we signed the form agreeing to it”. That didn’t change the fact that I was very unsatisfied with the explaination, or the lack of explaination, of WHAT happens if you violate the agreement. I felt a LOT of that through the classes. The counselors failed to answer the question “what if it doesn’t happen that way”.

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