Co-Parenting – You be the Judge

Do NOT let a total stranger make decisions for your child.

When parents go to court for decisions regarding the custody of their children, you assume you are going to lay out your facts and opinions, of which you most likely believe are what’s right for your child.  But before you go in, keep this in mind….
You and your co-parent at one point and time liked or even loved each other, now, you cannot agree on the one thing you have in common, what is the best for your children.  If this is the level of conflict you are having with someone you once cared for and you think that person cannot now see to the best interest of your children, why would you let a stranger, judge, psychologist, or any stranger be responsible for those decisions.  Someone with biases you are unaware or have until it’s too late, or worse yet, someone who thinks the other parent is better.  I promise you, your co parent is not the only one who thinks like they do, no matter how right you believe you are, and one of those other people might be your judge.  Or… might get this one.
I know many people assuming that the judges are reasonable, intelligent, maybe more intelligent than we are (or at least more so than the other parent), and they will set “the other one” straight, but judges and other family court practitioner are human first and interpretation of the law can, in many cases be subjective.
The link I posted isn’t because I think there is a lot of judges or court officials who are like this.  I posted the link, because no one knew he was like this.  When you go in, you probably won’t know either, even if you think you do, for example in a smaller town.  You never know what is going on behind someones closed doors, regardless of their status, education or how intelligent they may appear.
I wonder what would happen if people could be found unfit, just for letting a complete stranger make decisions about something as important as their child’s well being.
Soon, I will have a post to let you know what issues and disputes family courts don’t care about in most jurisdictions across the country.

“This blog is not meant to apply to co-parents who are dangerous.  People with addiction or who are abusive, are unpredictable and in every case, you should seek out help to make sure your children are safe.”

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