Thank You FBI Director Comey

During my LA Superior Court Case #SC117126, Judge Lisa Hart Cole repeatedly made up the law to support her findings and rulings repeatedly leaving me scratching my head and scanning the courtroom asking with my eyes, “you all hear that, right?”  As I wondered if any of the presumably bright legal minds (the courtroom was occupied primarily by lawyers), don’t you all realize that what she just said wasn’t consistent with the law?  But time after time, they were primarily looking at their own paperwork, or otherwise distracted.

I still wonder if the last time this happened to me was just a coincidence, or a gift from the God’s or both.  The reason I ask is because there was an attorney I knew in the courtroom.  Not just an attorney that I knew, but one who had worked on this very case for me, and had prepared the response to the first Motion for Summary Judgement, and this hearing happened to be the hearing on the Motion for Summary Judgement.  I had the chance to speak to him both before the hearing and after, and finally (and believe me, this attorney was reluctant to comment), I was able to ask out loud, if he heard the same thing I heard, the judge had just made up the law on her own.  What surprised me about our conversation was that he didn’t seem to be surprised at all, the more attorneys I spoke to, the more I realized they were not surprised by this, and I wondered why.  After many consults with attorneys, I now know the answer to that questions.  Many attorneys are not as bright and don’t know the law as well as you might think (I had to become an expert on the areas of the law that were specific to my case, but many attorneys don’t do their own legal research and therefore are not really experts on any area of the law, just on the spot), and second, they were use to this happening.

I don’t say this to disparage attorneys, but when you are being paid by the hour, win or loose, why do you need to be concerned about winning or losing?  That concern is reserved for the ambitions, looking to build a reputation as a winning attorney and those of high integrity (I’ll just leave that for the reader to decide).  But, lets be honest, most attorneys who are not paid by the hour work on a contingency, and get paid when they settle the case before there is ever a trial, and usually, before there is much discovery, since discovery is expensive.

In the few cases where there is a trial, twelve people will decide the merits of the case, and one attorney will win, the other will not.  Either way, an attorney has NOTHING to gain by becoming a “right fighter” or “crusader” against their own profession, and honestly, that’s just not the role of an attorney.  So, what you end up with is a very, VERY few attorneys who try (and generally loose) the battle against their state bar, or against the system in general.  If you have a family, kids in private school, or you are thinking about college tuition, who needs that grief?

So why do I thank James Comey?  He did exactly the same thing in his July 2016 statement regarding Hillary Clinton as the judge in my case did.  He made up a narrative, and a legal interpretation of the statute to convince America that what Hillary Clinton did was all a big mistake, and not criminal actions.  But I stress, it was made up.

I constantly challenge people to read the following laws, 18 U.S.C. §1505 and §1924 and compare that with just what we KNOW Hillary Clinton did.  You will realize that she was in gross violation of the law, and, we already know there are people in prison for doing far less than she did.  The most important thing James Comey said was the following “no reasonable prosecutor would pursue this case” (referring to a criminal case against Hillary Clinton).  What this actually means is that we have created a system where some people are above the law.  Of course in our system, “reasonable prosecutor” would say you can’t criminally prosecute the Democratic nominee for president, right?  WRONG.  The Democratic party shouldn’t have nominated someone who had committed such criminal acts as their candidate for President.  This was and is a tragic perversion of the law.  Should there ever be someone who is so rich and so powerful, that they don’t have to be accountable for their criminal acts, while an unknown patriotic soldier has to do prison time for the same or less?  I encourage any and everyone to REJECT such a society.  NO ONE should be above the law, Period.  That prosecutors have accepted this perversion wherein they consider it “unreasonable” to try and prosecute the rich and powerful, is some third world country shit (excuse my language).

I issue a challenge to anyone who thinks that James Comey “did the right thing”.  Consider what it means if your government is lawless?  Either you respect the laws or you don’t.  If you don’t like the laws, there is a process in place to change them, if you cannot get the support from the people to change the law, then you don’t get to ignore it.  It is a threat to any republic when the citizens have ACCEPTED open and blatant lawlessness of their leaders.  If they don’t respect the laws, then what protects you?  Where do you draw the line?  If a powerful person is drinking and driving and kills someone else, will you be denied justice?

Here is one of my favorite Obama administration gangsta administration congressional hearings.  I will try to add/update this post with different videos periodically to help people learn and truly understand what their government has been up to and how and why these actions are against the law.


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