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JudgeGATE! is a Documentary. IT IS NOT A THEORETICAL FILM!  It is a TRUE ACCOUNT of how I documented and PROVED corruption was behind what I encountered in California courts, and beyond, AND the HUNDREDS of mainstream media representatives, and legal advocacy groups who ignored my pleas for help or request to expose what was happening.

In 2010, I experienced a foreclosure in Los Angeles, California, and in October 2011, after a long fight with CitiMortgage, the second mortgage holder who foreclosed on my property (I believe illegally) won an extended battle to evict me from my CONDO.  After LA County Sheriff showed up at my door to ILLEGALLY do a lockout, I left with as much as I could carry.  Fast forward a few days, I made contact with the Real Estate Broker, Mark E. Alston to retrieve my personal belongings.  And I contacted him, again, and again, and again, and he did not return my calls.

On October 30, 2011, on one of my many drive by’s of my old CONDO, where I would HOPING to find someone there, who could help me arrange to pick up my belongings, I observed through an open curtain, that EVERYTHING WAS GONE!  I immediately called the real estate broker, who was finally in the office to advise me my belongings had been discarded!

I filed a lawsuit against CitiMortgage (and the Real Estate Broker, Mark Alston), after CitiMortgage ignored a demand letter to pay damages for having discarded my belongings, believing this was an open and shut case.  Little did I know, I would open the case, and a single judge, judge Lisa Hart Cole, supervising judge of the Santa Monica, CA division of the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles would CLOSE it, illegally, ignoring all the rights which were supposed to be afforded me under California law, the California Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Anyone can put the pieces together if they want to read five years worth of litigation, here is the information on my cases:

Petition of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court – Case 17-8641

If you read my Petition to the United States Supreme Court, you don’t have to have legal knowledge to know, SOMETHING went wrong.  That’s probably why SOMEONE, and I don’t know who, has attempted to scrub my petition from the google search results.  Go ahead and try it, I hope by the time anyone does, it will be remedied.  Put the case number, “17-8641” into a google search box and see what happens.

If you want an AUDIO overview (it comes from an earlier period, but still a good overview),listen to my hearing on Motion for New Trial here:

And read the ONLY ruling on the merits ever given in this case.

Additional can be obtained on the Superior Court case by doing civil case lookup of case #SC117126 at lacourt.org.  Also, there was a seven month removal to the Federal Court, chase number 2:14-cv-09780 which you can lookup on pacer.

Additional Information about the appeal can be found by searching Case #B277902 (primary appeal), B276843 (writ re: disqualification) and B267455 (writ re: discovery).

You can find information on the California Supreme Court Case Number S242248 here:

“But what about all the safeguards”, you might be asking.  Yes, there are safeguards, but those safeguards, are operated by the same people who are responsible for the failures.  The fox is guarding the hen house.

THIS documentary, through my own journey, will expose, how the system cheats, how they guard the safeguards to prevent you from having any real access to them, how they cover up the corruption, and how they have convinced you it’s not a big deal, and that you must trust the (corrupt) system, and safeguard, THEM.

In this documentary, I will break down, in simple terms, the statutes at issue, and present you with audio, transcripts and documents showing how the court willfully violated the statutes, AND my constitutional rights at EVERY STAGE of the process.  You will hear of their efforts to create cover ups to hide their corruption and the stories of the poor, bullied clerks stuck in the middle.  Finally, my hope is that I will have the chance to stick a microphone in the faces of those responsible and ask them to explain their actions to the viewers of this documentary.

This story represents a shocking (and intentional) case of denial of due process and, YES, CORRUPTION.  This systemic failure of the system CANNOT be fixed unless or until there is public outcry demanding it, so I hope this documentary will raise sufficient awareness and outrage to inspire people to action.

Risks and challenges

Laws in this country have been made (intentionally, I believe) unreasonably difficult. So it really hard to break down the elements of the law that define this case, in a clear concise way, so anyone can understand it. I believe I’ve done that, but as someone who had to learn the law to get where I am, I see this as the most significant challenge to over come. Also, I’m not a filmmaker, but this is the only way to tell such an important story. People are often BLINDSIDED, when they are attacked by the anvils of power. Its a destructive force that leave many feeling angry, helpless, and sometimes in complete despair.

In order for this project to be successful, it has to make complicated, boring, but IMPORTANT subject matter compelling, and clear, so people not only understand it, but are inspired to fix it. I believe I’ve accomplished that by providing side by side comparisons of where the law was ignored or distorted, where the outcome was CLEARLY unjust, and the ABSOLUTE disregard shown for self represented litigants who are not protected by attorneys.

The greatest risk to me personally, is that there are people who would prefer that this documentary is not made. Aside from suppressing search results, I’ve had difficulty finding people who were willing to work on this project, because someone told them not to “touch” this subject matter. I am fearful that people simply don’t care about this issue, but I hope that’s not the case. That the idea of a corrupt judiciary, taking a back seat to the challenges of daily life, is very real, so my challenge is to use facts, evidence, video, audio, transcripts and witness statements in a way that makes an impact so powerful, that it cannot be ignored.

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