Stolen House

Marina Boyd Sues Citimortgage Pro Se

It’s hard for me to describe what is happening to William in Los Angeles Superior Probate Court. Even after presenting all possible evidence to the court, showing that William is the only know heir entitled to assume ownership of the house his father left him, they just refuse. I’m being gas lighted by the courts, the attorneys, and the house thieves in this case, and I am frustrated, angry, and mostly feeling very helpless to assist my client.

This Petition to Determine Title to Real Property is the best description of what happened to William, but don’t let the single petition fool you. The house thief initiated this case in October of 2017, William found out about it in April 2019. He filed his first request for relief with a Los Angeles Superior Probate Court on June 4, 2019, and anther in the Los Angeles Superior Eviction Court on July 1, 2019, and again on July 18, 2019 and August 5, 2019, and August 8, 2019. In short, after more that five separate request for Temporary Restraining orders, for the court to Vacate the sale of his house, request for a Preliminary Injunction against the eviction, request to remove the rogue administrator of his fathers estate to request for the court to order that the surety company payout the 20,000 bond, and relief from the order for the sheriff to remove him from his house, (oh, and an APPEAL of the courts denial of that request), STILL the only significant action the court has taken in this case is to order that Williams house sit EMPTY while William is homeless, and this case drags on.

I volunteer my services to litigants, when necessary I look for an attorney, but in this case,  I don’t know who or what to trust.  William lived a simple life, and then there was this, and STILL to this day, as the case drags on, he just says he will keep praying about it, praying for me (and for my Mom, he he hasn’t met, but was hospitalized last year).

I appreciate donations, but more than ANYTHING I hope you’re tweet about this case, post on facebook, Instagram, or share the story with your youtube audience.  At the end of the day, this is more California Court corruption, and they need the disinfectant of sunlight.

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