Depends on What Winning Is

I’ve come to the conclusion that CitiMortgage thinks that beating me in my case means getting a judgement in their favor, but one day they will realize how very wrong that conclusion was.  No matter how malicious and egregious I believe their actions were in discarding my personal belongings, I always knew that a jury could see things CitiMortgages way, that they threw away a bunch I junk (they know full well I wanted my property, but I knew they would come to court and argue that I didn’t),  or they could see things my way, that what property was discarded was not relevant because it was mine, and their disposal thereof was a violation of my rights.  I didn’t have a dollar amount in mind because jury’s are not predictable.  By year two of prosecuting my case, the money didn’t matter any more, I was just enjoying practicing law and looking forward to attending law school and having a second career as an attorney.

But between July and December 2014, something changed; the opposition started cheating.   Sure, before that point, they had played a little dirty, trying to overwhelm me with paperwork, trying to make me quit, and had I not been enjoying the practice of law, it may have worked, but when the cheating started, I begin to wonder was this something that was expected of lawyers?  Aggressive, tactical, calculating?  Sure.  But outright cheating?  Yuk!  Now keep in mind, this case came about at the same I time I started to really learn about people, mostly those who were different from me.  I’ve always been empathetic to a fault, and that has for the most part ran interference in my doing intentional harm to others.  If I had a difficult boss, I would wish that person find a better opportunity somewhere, rather than hoping they got fired.  Up until about five years ago, I assumed everyone was like that, and when people acted contrary (meanies) to that philosophy, I assumed they just didn’t understand what they were doing.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that MOST people have little and any empathy for people they don’t have a personal connection to, and even that will diminish when their own well being is threatened.  Do you have any idea how frightening it is to realize you are the only empath in a room full of meanies and sociopaths?  You have to bear the burden of your own pain and fear, AND theirs.  This blog post would be way too long if I explained what that was like, so if you want to know, read my blog post “Pro Se Empath.”

I say all this to say, for me, at this point winning is relative.  No one can take away the legal experience I’ve gained, based on my studies so far, I’ll breeze through law school, and although I’ve heard some gnarly stuff about the bar exam, I don’t expect to have any trouble with that either.  For CitiMortgage, or really, for Citigroup, winning was making me go away.  By not making me go away, the will now find me whispering sweet pro bono legal nothings in the ear of every customer they foreclose on, or every employee they fire or lay off (it not practicing law if you’re just sharing your experience for free), telling them all I’ve learned about how to litigate and how to respond to litigation tactics intended to shut down pro se litigants.  I’ll be sharing my pleadings, and sharing my research, reminding them of deadlines and helping them start discovery early in the process.  It’s pretty difficult to help someone win if they are dealing with corrupt people or systems, but you can cost the company a lot of money, and force corrupt operatives into obvious mistakes, desperate actions and self exposure.

But now, I have a mission.  I’ve been planned to leave California in 2017 for many years, but earlier this year, I decided I’m staying.  I’m going to begin the work I should have started when Terri Asanovich scammed my family in 2005-2007.  I’m going to create a Civil Innocence Project that will take on cases where the rulings reflect judicial misconduct or corruption (beyond abuse of discretion or judicial incompetence), and attorney abuses of the system.  I want to be to the court system what Celeste Fremon was to the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department.

I’m putting together a coalition of activists which include private investigators, journalists and victimized litigants to research, correct and expose corrupted processes and individuals.  I wish I could have included lawyers, but it seems that their is a culture of retaliation against attorneys who go against the system.  Many think this is not possible without attorneys, but it is, and I will prove it, although I predict once I start doing so, the legislature will start to make laws against our strategies.

No problem, we will be ready.

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