I wonder what the purpose is….

I received a “Notice of Violation of Court Rules” which CitiMortgage filed in Court with a hearing date the same as my Motion for New Trial.  This was after the letter they sent me threatening that if I didn’t tell the Court about my audio recording of our September 11, 2015 hearings at our May 25, 2016 Summary Judgment hearing, they would inform the Court because they were “required to do so as officers of the Court”.

Now, I can understand why they were so spooked at the MSJ hearing that they never bothered to mentioned it that day, but I was still left wondering, after all the rules they had broken, why were they so concerned about having a record of one of the hearings.  That should be a good thing, right?Oh, unless, having their “arguments” made public is an embarrassment.  It reminds me of the DNC trying to focus the conversation on the leaked e-mails about Bernie Sanders towards who illegally hacked their systems to influence an election, rather than the real issue, which was the extreme inappropriateness of what was said in the e-mails.

After giving it some thought, I decided the notice was for the benefit of the Judge.  Maybe so they could prevent her from further putting her foot into her perjury, I mean mouth.  If the judge didn’t know that this recording was made, she would continue to say that her ruling was based on her understanding of the law.  It’s clear from listening to the audio, that even she doesn’t believe that.  I’m still not sure what the motives of this judge is, I can’t understand why she would risk her credibility this way, but I will find out.

The CitiMortgage Notice of Violation was accompanied with a CD containing the audio from the discovery hearing on September 11, 2015, which I also posted as part of a youtube video earlier this year.  I’m sure they all thought that the fraud they all participated in perpetrating upon the court that day, would be their word against mine for all eternity, and that they (especially a judge) would be about to paint me as a liar, or at least a emotional pro se who was exaggerating the truth because I was upset that the ruling didn’t go my way, now, they can’t make that claim.

I was never intending to enter that audio into the official court record for my case (LA Superior Court #SC117126), however, I’m so happy that Counsel for CitiMortgage, upholding to their integrity as officers of the court, have done so for me.  It will make a number of things I need to get done in the future easier and now, I don’t have to fight to have it entered into the record.

This audio, in effect, proves that the judge in my case perjured herself, (or lacks basic understanding of the law, which should be inexcusable for the supervising judge of the district) when submitting her verified response to my May 26, 2016 Statement of Disqualification executed under penalty of perjury.

There are a few words of wisdom I would pass along to anyone who might find their self being pushed around by the “insiders” of the legal system.  Channel your inner Trump and punch back hard when you are wronged.  Do everything you can to investigate your position, research case law on your issue, post questions on forums like avvo.com or justanswer.com  where you can post a question and attorney’s will respond (make sure you tell them please don’t respond to you by saying you need to “get a lawyer”), or avvo.com has a $39 phone consultation with an attorney.  I used this service once at midnight when I got a erroneous tentative the day before the hearing, and he saved me a lot of time and grief.  When I entered court the next morning, I was organized, and confident and I ultimately won that battle (although it would appear that my all-nighter resulted in not having tentative rulings for my case posted in advance).

If you need more help, try setting up appointments with attorneys who offer free consultations and see what you can learn. some wont answer direct/specific questions, but others will so keep trying until you can find someone willing to tell you if you are right or wrong and why.  If you find your arguments have not been properly considered, or the law is not properly applied, adopt a zero tolerance policy.  It’s hard work, but don’t be shy about motioning the court for claraficiation of their ruling or a motion to correct a ruling, even if they turn it down, you are making it difficult to be ignored.

If you let the little things slip, they will only become more bold in their disregard for you.  If it was a legit error or mis-interpretation of the law by an honest jurist, it will be corrected (or if it’s just an egotistical judge, at least the errors should NOT be one way against you only).  If it’s abuse of discretion or worse, don’t make it easy.

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