Person Most Knowledgable has No Knowledge

Yesterday, I deposed a Citimortgage, who was the person most knowledgeable (PMK).  In my Notice of Deposition, I stated I was looking for the person who could explain the discrepancies between the e-mails yahoo showed were sent/received (header data only, no message text) between Citimortgage, Inc. employees and Mark Alston, the Real Estate Broker, and the e-mails they produced in response to my Request for Production of Documents.

Keeping in mind, Citimortgage, Inc. has been resistant to discovery like someone who has much to hide, and while the so called PMK, basically made himself look like fairly ignorant of the facts he was supposed to know, it was really the attorney who had less technical knowledge than a two year old, and repeatedly objected because my questions were “unintelligible”.  I understand, she probably has never had a client deposed by someone who has as much technical knowledge as I do (I actually know much more about e-mail servers, backups and archives than I know about the law), but I bit my tongue to prevent my self from just advising her that she simply didn’t have the knowledge to understand.

In any case, I’m glad I kept my composure because before I left, I gathered information that amounts to a bombshell, but I don’t won’t discuss it here until I finish all the employee depositions at the end of April.  Some of it will be in my Opposition to their Motion for Summary Judgement, which I will post when it’s completed, but most of it will be in my inevitable motion to Compel answers and documents which were not produced.

When I have time, I am going to write an entire post (or maybe a series of post) about how attorneys think and how it’s a way of thinking that is very conducive to settling a case, but is detrimental to having to conduct an actual trial.  I still believe it’s doubtful that we will avoid a trial, and this trial is going to be very embarrassing for the attorneys.  My last settlement offer is a bargain compared to what this will cost them in negative PR and market capitalization when this is over.

At this point, I don’t have to win the case to win because some of the worst things I’ve uncovered that Citimortgage has done weren’t done to me, but that you’ll have to wait for the book, cause now they’ll never get a gag order from me.

I have a puprose and a movement and I hope you’ll join me.  Please see my new post on the Pro Se Litigant Coalition.

I am still trying to raise additional money for my trial, so I am still asking for visitors to support my campaign.


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