Never know what you might “discover”

Discovery was quite a nightmare for me in my case.  I wouldn’t say the Citi attorneys are in over their head, actually based on having talked to other attorneys they are pretty good, but they grossly miscalculated how this case is going to go.  I’m not ordinary.  I don’t mean that in a superior kind of way, more like a weird thought process kind of way.  When I notice people implementing their pattern on me (and trust me I believe in mental patterns and shortcuts), but I realize I won’t be falling into the normal role, I warn them.  I will tell them straight up, “that’s not going to work with me”.  Some people think I’m bluffing, others think I’m threatening, others just, well, I’m not a factor, cause they aren’t about to break from their normal pattern.  We all know these people.  Sometimes the first degree contact person will look into my eyes and know that I mean it, but if they report to a superior or they are a surrogate, rarely can they ever convince the person who doesn’t know me.

The first thing they can’t grasp is that when I issue the warning, it has nothing to do with me winning or loosing.  I can rarely convince people of that.  I’m not competitive by nature, so usually It’s something that is just personal to me, but if that other person somehow takes it as a challenge of sorts, they will double down.  I used to call it “doubling down on a loosing strategy”, and I would be so very confused.  But a few years ago, I realized they were actually doubling down on a winning strategy, just who do I think I am that I should issue my dumb “warning” to someone who doesn’t even know me, and they are supposed to set aside their winning strategy for life.  Ridiculous.  The good news is it usually results in a major life lesson for both of us.

I posted the above entire rant to introduce, my first round of discovery.  This was the minute that Citimortgage doubled down on their strategy for litigating against a pro se litigant.  Just a few months after giving my second warning I received

Request for Admissions

Request for Production of Documents Set One

Form Interrogatories

Special Interrogatories

Notice of Deposition and Request for Documents to be Produced at Depositions

I immediately knew what was happening, they were trying to bury me in paperwork, and therefore bury my case.  But wait, I got it in triplicate.  One set for my self, an identical set for my sister (who was a plaintiff at the time) and get this, an identical third set for my 14 y/o, including the Notice of Deposition.  I’ll comment more on that next year.

Just to be clear, I was completely overwhelmed, I just decided not to quit, and I’m not going to quit now.

Now if you read my post on Judge Lisa Hart Cole GRANTING Citimortgage Motion for Summary Judgment, you’ll understand why the “no quit” is required.  The reality is every time she continues to double down on her bias, she is making a better record for the re*%@ll that is coming when my case is over.

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