It’s about to get ugly

I haven’t given the background on my case, so I think it’s time to do so as I hope to encourage you to donate to support my efforts.
Following a trustee sale and eviction, CITIMORTGAGE, who bought my property, ordered the disposal of my personal property, pictures and documents, despite the fact that I made at least 3 calls to the Real Estate Broker asking to schedule a time when I could pick up my belongings.   I thought is was CITIMORTGAGE who had allowed me time previously to gather appliances which must have been moved by truck, they now deny this and evidence in this case suggest CITIMORTGAGE was trying to disrupt my attempts to challenge the trustee sale with a quiet title lawsuit.
I filed this complaint for damages for the disposal of my personal belongings on May 18, 2012 and CITIMORTGAGE has grossly abused the discovery process through the proceedings, by refusing to turn over properly propounded e-mails, by refusing to answer interrogatories, blocking subpoenas and and by refusing to present witnesses for deposition.  Essentially, they have offered boilerplate objections to every single discovery request in an effort to exhaust my resources.  More disturbing is some of the strange rulings made by the judge in my case.
This case WILL result in the largest jury award in a case primarily litigated in Pro Per, but counsel for the defendants is cheating the system to prevent me from ever getting my case before a jury.
The CITIMORTGAGE has retained two law firms who have assigned a total of THREE ATTORNEY PARTNERS to take on myself, a single Pro Per Plaintiff, because they know, without question, when I prevail in this case, it will have far reaching implications and may very likely result in investigations and fines by multiple regulators.
I have posted a video about my case at I am asking you to share this story wherever you can to raise awareness.
In addition, if your time permits, I hope your will listen to audio from a discovery are review the case facts I believe there is some corruption from the Judge presiding over my case and I need all the support I can get to stop this systemic conspiracy.
I’m going to do this, and I am asking for your help.
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