CitiMortgage Makes me Feel Super Important

Especially when I recently learned that CitiMortgage had manipulated google search results for my name.  It was subtle, but obvious to me (because I know the search results for my name, and I know how they operate).

They still don’t get it.  They probably never will.  I’m not trying to gain notoriety, I don’t want to be famous, in fact I cringe at the idea.  I don’t need a contaminated jury to win my case, I’m sure they know that, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing everything they can to avoid the judgment of a Jury.  They should be able to slam dunk me in a trial, right??

For that reason, I decided to have a little fun.  All you need to know is that this page isn’t the best page on my site and isn’t exactly what is all about.  Its basically to track the changes in search results on my name.


Search Results for Marina Boyd

Search Results for “Marina Boyd”

Here are my favorite search results

Forclousre Fraud Happens Every Day – David Day

CitiMortgage and their Legal Bullies (Video)

Judge abuses her discretion (Video)

I Sued A Judge and I (didn’t really) Like it.

But you won’t get these videos if you google my name, the first youtube page you’ll see is the account of another Marina Boyd who has only one video, a nice cookie recipe with 35 views.  Now we all know that’s not how google search is supposed to work, but it’s a nice quality video and the cookies look great, so please, by all means, give it a try.

I call this fun because in reality, they are helping me by manipulating the search results.  Some people don’t understand that not everyone is looking for 15 minutes of fame.  I prefer my privacy.  While the google stuff is quite amusing, there is nothing amusing about the illegal litigation tactics that have been employed in this case by Citimortgage and their legal bullies.  I will be coming for the bar cards of everyone who crossed the line in this case, in whatever state bar cult they belong to and I will do so with the same vigor and intensity that I pursued this case.  I am offended to the core when people act like they are above the law and the rules don’t apply to them.  The entitled attitude Citimortgage has displayed throughout these proceedings is offensive and pathetic.

But I digress from the lightness appropriate for the google manipulation.

Keep checking back, more fun coming soon.

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