This Crusade Ain’t New

Marina Boyd Sues Citimortgage Pro Se

I kinda don’t think Citimortgage gets it.  Maybe nobody gets it, so let me try and explain.  This case is not all about the value (or according to Citimortgage “devalue”) of the personal property that they stole from me.  What it is about is who the hell do they think they are to take anybody’s stuff.  We should not have to be trying to decide what MY property was worth in a court of law.  I should have been allowed to make that determination in October 2011 by being allowed access to recover my personal property.

What Citimortgage did was appalling in it’s maliciousness, but it’s not Citimortgage that has me so ticked off, the banking and mortgage industry has done a pretty good job of generating a substantial amount of animosity against them from the general public without my help.  The truth is, ordinary people have gotten way to comfortable being run over by corporations and government agencies, but recent election results suggest that people are fast loosing patience for such an oppressive environment.

When this is said and done, it’s the legal and court system that will become the centerpiece in my crusade.  Access to justice shouldn’t take five+ years.  Attorneys shouldn’t be allowed to game the system, and if they insist on doing so, then we must not let them continue to be “in charge” of how the system works.  I’m not an attorney hater by default, but the law profession has institutional flaws in their private “Bar cults” that don’t serve the administration of justice and I’m about to mobilize an army of pro se crusaders who have A REAL change agenda, not just a list of complaints and we will turnover access and oversight of the courts to seekers of justice.

People who’ve followed my social media for the last few years, know, how frustrated I get at “movements” and “protest” which include no concrete plan of action to affect change, or who are demanding that someone else make the changes they seek without any specific solutions or even suggestions for solutions included in their rhetoric.  This will not be THAT kind of movement.  This movement will not demand oversight by some new government bureaucracy that is run by people appointed by the very people they are supposed to be policing, then leave that agency as a permanent budget line item and part of the problem.  No, not that kind of movement.  This movement will be measured, specific, detailed and effective.  Those who oppose the movement will reveal themselves to be beneficiaries of a system which is designed to allow access to the select, elite few and blockers of access to swift and complete justice for ordinary people.

This is not a new crusade.  I’ve been chomping at the bit since my custody case which started in 2004, conflicted about how to effectively police a system that needs to protect the privacy and innocence of minor children, but I now believe that that can be accomplished as well.

We know that necessity is the mother of invention and innovation, but many institutions fail to predict their demise until it is too late.  Blockbuster Movie Rentals is one of my favorite examples because they treated their customers horribly, charging late fees that were multiple times the retail value of the rented movie and there are many parallels in civil litigation.

Stay tuned, we will follow the money all the way to the end.

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  2. […] to justice shouldn’t take five years,” Boyd said in a recent article posted at a website she created about the case. She’s made a video about the case […]

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