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Jameson vs Desta – CA Supreme Court to Review

Marina Boyd Sues Citimortgage Pro Se

Jameson vs Desta is possibly the most important civil case the California Supreme Court will hear this year, especially for Pro Se litigants who are more likely to struggle with the institutional cost inherent in civil litigation, and are more likely to request and be granted fee waivers. Reading the¬†opinion denying Barry Jameson’s appeals will […]

Long Distance Parenting

This post is particularly difficult for me because I’m not sure I can express it in a way that I convey my perspective, but I’m going to give it a try. As I’ve mentioned before, I have an awareness of things both men and women do, which don’t prioritize their children, and one thing at […]

Co-Parenting – You be the Judge

Do NOT let a total stranger make decisions for your child. When parents go to court for decisions regarding the custody of their children, you assume you are going to lay out your facts and opinions, of which you most likely believe are what’s right for your child. ¬†But before you go in, keep this […]

Custody Evaluation

Well it turns out that confidentially restrictions do not allow me to post the report and that’s too bad bacause I would imagine many people want to know what this is all about. I’ve decided that instead of putting the details of my case in my blog, I am going to finish writing the book […]

Newlegislation – When Parenting Is Decided


Parenting Without Conflict – Makeup Week 2

The advantage of going to the make-up session without my co-parent was the ability to 1) Share breifly how things had changes since attending the workshop and 2) Discuss things I would have been too uncomfortable to discuss while my co-parent was present. On the flip side it was discouraging because there sat another six […]

Parenting Without Conflict – Session VI

This session started with me and my co-parent. The first thing in each session was always “are there any co-parent crisis”? I thought the fact that we had been in court on contempt charges the previous week was a crisis given the details of the case, so I raised the issue. We discussed it and […]

Check out this article….

Talk about forced parenting, even when the marriage stays together it doesn’t work. Want proof? Read this article.

Putting Kids First

A perfect example of not putting kids first….

Parenting Without Conflict – Session V

This session took off with a bang as we spent the first 45 minutes or so of the session discussing whether or not one parent had used something that was said in the workshop in the legal arena. This was a pretty big deal because on the very first day,everyone had to sign a form […]