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Mark Alston took my “Depoginity”

Marina Boyd Pro Se Plaintiff

On October 9, 2015, I took the deposition of Mark Alston.  Did I mention, I’m a Pro Se Plaintiff suing Citimortgage, Inc.  Anyway, back to the deposition. Mr. Alston showed up to the deposition with what appeared to be a serious attitude and he was dribbling hostility all over me.  Yuk.  I don’t know why he’s […]

Holy S*!T (I don’t even use that word)

Marina Boyd Pro Se Plaintiff

Am I about to make history?? I filed a civil lawsuit against CitiMortgage, Inc. and Skyway Realty.  I always expected to win, they were responsible for the loss of my Personal Property, but what I didn’t expect…….man, the ride was a trip (I know, corny, sorry). So, the Realtor fell by the wayside early, filed […]

Pro Se Swag, get your Pro Se Swag

Marina Boyd Sues Citimortgage Pro Se

I’m tired and disgusted at the treatment of Pro Se litigants by some courts and some attorneys.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, they are like children who don’t realize you can see all the crumbs on their face when they say they didn’t do anything.  I want to be clear, I know they […]

Person Most Knowledgable has No Knowledge

Yesterday, I deposed a Citimortgage, who was the person most knowledgeable (PMK).  In my Notice of Deposition, I stated I was looking for the person who could explain the discrepancies between the e-mails yahoo showed were sent/received (header data only, no message text) between Citimortgage, Inc. employees and Mark Alston, the Real Estate Broker, and […]

It’s about to get ugly

I haven’t given the background on my case, so I think it’s time to do so as I hope to encourage you to donate to support my efforts.   Following a trustee sale and eviction, CITIMORTGAGE, who bought my property, ordered the disposal of my personal property, pictures and documents, despite the fact that I made […]

About LA Superior Court Case #SC117126

Marina Boyd Sues Judge Lisa Hart Cole

On October, 13, 2015, I filed a Writ of Mandate in the 2nd District Court of Appeals.  You can download it here.   This is my first effort in this case to seek review of one of the few rulings which made no legal sense to me from LA Superior Court Department O West District […]

Long Distance Parenting

This post is particularly difficult for me because I’m not sure I can express it in a way that I convey my perspective, but I’m going to give it a try. As I’ve mentioned before, I have an awareness of things both men and women do, which don’t prioritize their children, and one thing at […]

Co-Parenting – You be the Judge

Do NOT let a total stranger make decisions for your child. When parents go to court for decisions regarding the custody of their children, you assume you are going to lay out your facts and opinions, of which you most likely believe are what’s right for your child.  But before you go in, keep this […]

Custody Evaluation

Well it turns out that confidentially restrictions do not allow me to post the report and that’s too bad bacause I would imagine many people want to know what this is all about. I’ve decided that instead of putting the details of my case in my blog, I am going to finish writing the book […]

Newlegislation – When Parenting Is Decided