Picture Marina J Boyd

Marina Boyd
Legal Advocate

I’m just a regular person who loves what the law is SUPPOSED to be, but who is sadly disappointed in what it has become.  A parade of settlements and plea bargains, where the rules of procedure, evidence and merit of the case are essentially ignored.

I’ve always been sort of a general do it yourself’er and the more something cost, the more likely I am to try and do it myself.  After all, I started playing the piano without lessons around age 3, and I’ve continued to learn by need and application throughout my life.

I love to learn, but don’t care for traditional learning models, but when it came to the law, every step of the way, I just sat down and started researching my options for the next step and how to execute it.  I actually suck pretty badly when it comes to “traditional” methods of learning.   Sit me in a classroom with a textbook, and there is little chance I’ll impress anyone, but give me a mission and a goal to accomplish and I will generally rise to the occasion, shame the so called “experts” and create quite an impression.

If you want my free legal perspective on any matter (not official legal advice, just my unfiltered opinion), or if you wonder if the attorney you hired is more interested in cashing your checks than working your case and representing your interest , please feel free to e-mail me and ask.

Mostly, I’m just here to disrupt the auto pilot, cattle herding mentality that has infected legal proceedings, that often has the affect of denying justice, mostly to “regular” people who don’t have a lot of money or power to fight a system that generally pushes us around.  If you have a legal situation where you are fighting a giant and want, a no cost, no strings attached partner, or you’d like to represent yourself and want to know what to expect, I like to exercise my freedom of speech by sharing what I have learned  to help you TRULY know all your options, and hopefully get the best possible outcome for your situation.

Good luck with your cases, every one of you.