I’m just a regular person who plays a lawyers in real life.

I’ve always been sort of a general do it yourself’er and the more something cost, the more likely I am to try and do it myself.  After all, I started playing the piano without lessons around age 3, and I’ve continued to learn by need and application throughout my life.

The irony is that I actually suck pretty badly when it comes to “traditional” methods of learning.  Sit me in a classroom with a textbook, and there is little chance I’ll impress anyone, but give me a mission and a goal to accomplish and can generally rise to the occasion.

I love to learn, but don’t care for traditional learning models (probably because I suck at it), but when it came to the law, every step of the way, I just sat down and started researching, what are my options for the next step, which step should I take, and then how do I do it.

I hope you will contribute to my Go Fund Me account so I can continue to successfully prosecute this case.


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