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Did you know…..THIS is the law of the land? JudgeGATE!

Few doctrines were more solidly established at common law than the immunity of judges from liability for damages for acts committed within their judicial jurisdiction, …..This immunity applies even when the judge is accused of acting maliciously and corruptly, .” (Scott v. Stansfield, L. R. 3 Ex. 220, 223 (1868), quoted in Bradley v. Fisher, […]

Until JudgeGATETheFilm is distrubuted, sometimes pro se litigants need an attorney.

Donate to pro se litigant support fund JudgeGATE! is a Documentary. IT IS NOT A THEORETICAL FILM!  It is a TRUE ACCOUNT of how I documented and PROVED corruption was behind what I encountered in California courts, and beyond, AND the HUNDREDS of mainstream media representatives, and legal advocacy groups who ignored my pleas for […]