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CitiMortgage Makes me Feel Super Important

Especially when I recently learned that CitiMortgage had manipulated google search results for my name.  It was subtle, but obvious to me (because I know the search results for my name, and I know how they operate). They still don’t get it.  They probably never will.  I’m not trying to gain notoriety, I don’t want […]

It all started with an Unlawful Detainer

It seems like so long ago that this case begin with an unlawful detainer action following a foreclosure.  An attorney told me once he had never heard of anyone staying in a home so long following foreclosure.  At one point, the attorney for Citi didn’t show up for an Unlawful Detainer hearing, and the judge […]

Never know what you might “discover”

Discovery was quite a nightmare for me in my case.  I wouldn’t say the Citi attorneys are in over their head, actually based on having talked to other attorneys they are pretty good, but they grossly miscalculated how this case is going to go.  I’m not ordinary.  I don’t mean that in a superior kind of […]

Marina J Boyd vs Citimortgage MSJ Hearing

I appreciate those of you who have reached out to discuss the your pro se experiences, trials, tribulations, and now and again victories.  After my recent “mistake” of hiring an attorney to prepare my Opposition to Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment and realizing he kind of slept walked through it and left me short on time […]

Jameson vs Desta – CA Supreme Court to Review

Marina Boyd Sues Citimortgage Pro Se

Jameson vs Desta is possibly the most important civil case the California Supreme Court will hear this year, especially for Pro Se litigants who are more likely to struggle with the institutional cost inherent in civil litigation, and are more likely to request and be granted fee waivers. Reading the opinion denying Barry Jameson’s appeals will […]

This Crusade Ain’t New

Marina Boyd Sues Citimortgage Pro Se

I kinda don’t think Citimortgage gets it.  Maybe nobody gets it, so let me try and explain.  This case is not all about the value (or according to Citimortgage “devalue”) of the personal property that they stole from me.  What it is about is who the hell do they think they are to take anybody’s stuff. […]