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Parenting Without Conflict III

Well, today I attended PWC part III and one of my questions were in fact answered. I have been feeling more and more angry as the classes go by. The primary reason is that I’ve been doing most of what is being recommended for years now and it would be awful hard for someone to […]

Parenting Without Conflict – Session II

Yesterday, I attended the second of six workshops which Judge Kenji Machida of the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered me to attend with my “co-parent”. A series of events caused me to be nearly 45minutes late to the session, but I decided that even though I would have to make up the session, I would […]

Parenting without conflict – Session I

On June 7, 2005 I was ordered to attend a Parenting Without Conflict workshop at the LA Superior Court starting in August. Well, I attended my first session yesterday, August 16, 2005. It was about two hours and there are five more sessions that are two and a half hours each. FYI, if I had […]

Contempt? Ironically I’m not guilty!

Ironic because I’m feeling a lot of contempt right now, it’s just not contempt according to California Statutes. On Thursday August 4, 2005, I was served personally with papers accusing me of being in contempt for not following custody orders. My first reaction was why was this being served on me when I was represented […]

Another Real Letter Re: Jamaica Trip

Real Letter from Attorney