JudgeGate! The Film

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my hearing on Motion for New Trial here:
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Through my OWN journey through the courts, I learned that Pro Se (also called Pro Per or self represented litigants), are ESPECIALLY vulnerable to corruption, and I learned that the safeguards we are told exist in the system to PROTECT our rights, are all “big foots”.

If we are successful in completing this project, you will read, see and HEAR, exactly how corruptions happens, right in our faces, and you’ll know what you can do to be a part to the solution.

For many decades, many people have just accepted corruption as an unavoidable part of government, but it DOES NOT have to be this way.  I learned that the courts are full of decent people, who are afraid to defy those who corruptly cling to their power and domination.  This film is to let those people know, they are not alone, the people of this city, state and country will stand with them in doing what is right.
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